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Our organization complies or meets ASTM F2089-15 Standard Practice for Language Interpreting.

Definition: Interpretation is the verbal rendering of information from one language to another.

We provide six types of interpretations:

a. Simultaneous interpreting – (Also referred as Conference interpreting)

The interpreter listens and interprets in real time in the target language. A conference interpreter usually works in a booth with a partner and changeover every 20 to 30 minutes. Simultaneous interpreting could also be performed via a Tour guide system for a smaller audience [i.e. Seminar setting]. Equipment is available for an additional fee.

b. Remote simultaneous interpretation – (Also referred as RSI)

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) refers to the process of providing simultaneous interpretation services in real-time from a remote location. It involves the interpretation of spoken language from one language to another during conferences, meetings, or events, just like traditional simultaneous interpreting.

It is important to note that RSI requires a stable internet connection, suitable technical infrastructure managed by a technical; team, and high-quality audio/video equipment to ensure effective communication.

c. Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter listens to a speech, usually segmented, then renders the meaning of the speaker’s message in the target language. Usually, the interpreter has to take notes to perform this task.

d. Sight translation

The interpreter performs a consecutive interpretation and has to combine it with translation of a document in the target language.

e. Chuchotage – (Also referred as whispered mode)

The interpreter sits or stands next to the person requiring interpreting and whispers the rendition of what is being said in the target language.

f. Escort Interpreting – (Usually for a foreign delegation)

The interpreter performs interpreting for a delegation and assist with the logistics need as well. The team is augmented by a Tour guide who will take care of the city/country narratives.

If you are not sure of what interpretation mode you need, ask us, we will be happy to assist you!

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